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Interim Report Q1 2014

Profit before tax from continuing operations were DKK 10.2 million (Q1 2013: 16.2 million) and DKK 90.8 million from discontinuing operations (Q1 2013: 62.8 million).

Equity amounts to DKK 5,753 million (year-end 2013: 5.677million).
The solvency and liquidity are strong, and FIH is a solid bank with low leverage. Further, FIH’s loans to customers are fully funded by deposits.

FIH complies with all five benchmarks of the Supervisory Diamond.

The total net profit (continuing and discontinuing operations) for Q1 2014 came to DKK 76.2 million (Q1 2013: DKK 71.0 million).

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