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Interim Report Q1-Q3 2014
Profit before tax for Q1-Q3 2014 was DKK 203.9 million (Q1-Q3 2013: 94.7 million).

Equity amounts to DKK 5,830 million as of 30 September 2014 (year-end 2013: 5,677million).

The solvency and core capital ratio came to 42.0 per cent (year-end 2013: 25.9 per cent), and the capital buffer was 24.2 percentage points (year-end 2013: 11.6 percentage points).

FIH has a liquidity surplus of 467 per cent relative to the regulatory requirements (year-end 2013: 221 per cent).

The transactions with Spar Nord and Nykredit were completed in Q3 2014.

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